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Student story: From medical aspirations to engineering innovations

Meet Aisha, a first-year student whose journey into the field of engineering has led to unexpected turns and exciting discoveries. From an initial interest in medicine and psychology to embracing the world of design engineering, Aisha shares her experiences and insights into what it’s like to study in this creative field at TEDI-London.

What led you to switch from medicine to engineering?

Originally, I pursued A-levels in biology, chemistry, and maths with the intention of going into medicine. However, witnessing the intense pressures and challenges faced by healthcare professionals made me rethink my decision. I wanted a career where I could still make a significant impact but also embrace my creative side. In my final year at school, under considerable pressure to choose a path, I opted for psychology. Yet, it didn’t quite fit what I was looking for, so I took a gap year to understand myself better. I had time to reflect on my strengths and interests, which led me to discover my passion for engineering – specifically design engineering.

Why did you choose TEDI-London for your design engineering studies?

My visit to the campus was a game changer. It buzzed with energy and innovation, and everyone I met was very approachable and ready to help. I was given a tour by the student ambassadors, and I loved it for multiple reasons. Firstly, design engineering is something I have always been interested in and it aligns perfectly with my creative inclinations. The project-based learning approach, which is quite distinct from traditional engineering programmes, really stood out to me as it focuses on real world applications and solving practical problems, unlike traditional engineering courses that focus heavily on maths and physics.

How has the project-based learning been so far?

It’s been a sprint from the start! We jumped right into practical projects that challenged us to think and act like engineers immediately. In our first module, we partnered with Engineers Without Borders Australia. Out task was to design a solution for a village in Cambodia with the opportunity to enter a competition and win prizes. The focus was not just engineering; it was about understanding cultural contexts and developing something truly beneficial for a community. It’s this kind of work that shows the impact we can have as engineers.

“For the first six weeks that I’ve been here, it’s literally been hands-on project work, learning and picking up the engineering principles and applying them straight away like engineers do in the real world.”

What’s it like being part of the TEDI-London community?

The community here is very diverse, which enriches the learning experience. We all come from different backgrounds, but we share a common goal – to make a positive impact and drive change through engineering. It also fosters a rich exchange of ideas, making group projects exciting and highly educational. In terms of building friendships – the project-based approach helps us connect quickly. I am quite an introverted person, so I would not casually go and talk to people, but because of the constant teamwork and the nature of our education, this becomes a natural part of my day at TEDI-London.

Where do you see yourself after graduating?

I love design and STEM, but I’m particularly fascinated by the idea of integrating civil engineering with sustainable energy solutions. However, I’m keeping an open mind, TEDI-London is all about applying engineering skills in creative ways, so I’m also curious about opportunities where I can blend technical knowledge with creativity – maybe even outside traditional engineering paths.

How do you think your studies will influence your future career?

Engineering is more than a set of technical skills; it’s a way of thinking. TEDI-London has taught me how to approach problems creatively and efficiently. Whether I take on a traditional engineering role or branch out into another field, the problem-solving skills and innovative mindset I’m developing here will be invaluable.

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