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Admissions process

Entry requirements

Future engineers wanted

TEDI-London is open to anyone who wants to study engineering. We are looking for students who are self-motivated, enjoy a challenge and want to improve the quality of life in the world. We recognise these qualities aren’t just down to academic grades – that’s why all our offers are conditional until you attend an applicant day.

Entry requirements

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The following criteria is intended as a guide to help you gauge if TEDI-London is for you:

  • If studying A Levels, IB, BTEC (or any post 16 education) you’ll be on track for approximately 120 UCAS points or equivalent
  • If studying A Level Maths qualification (or equivalent) you should be on track to achieve a grade C
  • If you’re not studying a Maths A Level (or equivalent) you will need to pass our maths refresher course (see more info below)
  • You will need to attend and pass our Applicant Day (see more info below)  

Are you an international student? Have a look at our international entry requirements.

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If you are coming from a background in employment, you will need to demonstrate how your skills and experience are transferable and relevant. 

We expect that individuals who would have worked in the following fields would be well-suited to our programme: Engineering (all disciplines), Design (product), the Creative Industries, Computing, Finance, Construction, Architecture. 

We can consider your employment and/or volunteering history as evidence of the equivalent of Level 3 learning. If you wish to apply to TEDI-London using your employment history, and would like support to complete your applications please contact 

Application and assessment steps

We're looking for a combination of Attitude, Aptitude and Ability. It’s about more than technical brilliance. It’s also about your initiative and what motivates you. Here's what the process looks like:

  1. Submit your application

    You can apply to us either through UCAS or directly. Once we receive an application, we will review it to assess what steps are appropriate for you.  In your application we will be looking for an interest in our area of study, Design Engineering or Engineering, but as we know you could be applying to multiple universities on UCAS we do not require this to be specifically about Global Design Engineering.

    At this stage we will also be looking to see that you are on track to meet our academic requirements – studying Level 3 qualification and on track to achieve 120 tariff points.

    If you are applying from an employment background this is where we will ask you for details about your work experience and send you forms to complete for more evidence if needed.

  2. Complete a numeracy test

    Applicants who have not studied Maths at a higher level (i.e an A level or Level 3 BTEC), can take one of our two maths aptitude assessment pathways:

    1. Complete a test – The Pearson TalentLens Numerical Data Interpretation Test (NDIT)

    This test is specifically designed to assess a student’s ability to learn, retain, and apply mathematical formulas. We are looking at your ability to learn maths and apply that knowledge to your projects at TEDI-London.


    2. Complete a short (12 hour) maths refresher course – with a short assessment at the end

    This pathway assesses the same aptitudes as the NDIT, but this way students can refresh their maths knowledge before taking the assessment.

    Applicants need to complete one of these pathways to demonstrate that they can cope with the academic requirements of our programme. Anyone asked to take the numeracy pathway will be told in advance and will be offered a choice in which pathway to follow.

    >> Learn more about our approach to maths.

  3. Attend an applicant day

    TEDI-London does not make offers solely on academic qualifications so this stage is crucial in our decision-making process. Below is a broad overview of what to expect:

    You will be invited to an in-person applicant day, OR an online meeting.

    In-person applicant day:

    Part 1: you will start the day with a group challenge – a great opportunity to meet your fellow offer holders, meet our academics and use our Makerspaces.

    Part 2: you will take part in a short interview with a member of our Academic and Admissions teams. Some applicants may need to prepare a short presentation. All guidance will be sent in advance, and it is your opportunity to quiz the panel on life at TEDI-London.

    Online applicant day:

    You will prepare a short presentation to be delivered over Teams or Zoom. Members of our Academic and Admissions teams will ask you about your presentation and motivation to study. This is your opportunity to ask the panel questions and demonstrate your passion for engineering.

    Successful applicants will be made an offer following successful completion of this stage.

    > Learn more about what to expect at an Applicant Day


Our student admissions team will be happy to help. Get in touch.

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