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Equality diversity & inclusion

At TEDI-London the nature of what we deliver is underpinned by equality, diversity and inclusion. As a new institute we are disruptive in both our pedagogy and employment approach and know it is vital that we embrace different ideas, views and perspectives across our student and staff community.

We commit to ensuring that all individuals are treated equitably, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, socio-economic background, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy or maternity, or any other inappropriate distinction. Simply put, we want to be a place where people feel comfortable being themselves. 


What does this mean for students?

We adopt a student-focused approach to teaching so that every student can thrive, regardless of their background and prior experience. Our provision for disabled campus users, along with our inclusive and accessible curriculum ensures that each student is supported and equipped with the skills and technical knowledge they need to become future engineers.

Inclusive Facilities

Our campus building is accessed via a wide, level path leading from Quebec Way. All the routes are either step-free, level, or gently-sloping. Our ground level reception area is easy to enter and has openable doorways and a weather-protecting canopy. Inside the building, all furniture has been chosen for flexibility and our teaching and learning spaces have at least one height adjustable bench to accommodate the needs of all users.

Each floor of our campus contains a wheelchair accessible toilet, and there is also a shower room on the ground floor. Designed for wheelchair users, the shower room has a seat and grab rails. All campus facilities are equipped with emergency call cords and have visual and audible signals in case of an emergency. The lift is wheelchair accessible and serves every part of the building.

Collaboration at TEDI-London

Digital Accessibility

At TEDI-London, our digital campus is built using Microsoft 365 to make sure that all our learning content is fully accessible across a variety of devices. Microsoft products work seamlessly with assistive technologies like screen readers, and captions or transcripts can be provided with video and audio content.

Our design approach ensures that our online learning material is broken up into uncluttered, manageable chunks. Learners can also customise the look and feel of the learning experience to meet their individual needs. With a range of different content types, including videos, podcasts, and interactive case studies, our students have the option to learn theory through varied representations. We continually improve our digital learning material in response to new technology and feedback from students.

Students in TEDI-London makerspace

Adaptive Teaching and Learning

Successful teaching and learning depends on making sure our campus community is creative, industrious and inclusive. We blend online study with face-to-face classes, where students are not seen as passive recipients of lectures. Instead, they’re members of a wider learning community and work together on projects from day one. Our teaching staff come from different backgrounds in education, engineering, architecture, innovation and design.

Engineers need opportunities to practice, play, make and break stuff and, sometimes, to fail safely. But we’re operating in a world where these opportunities are not the same for everyone. So, our curriculum includes the development of core skills in making, maths, drawing (CAD) and coding. Whatever a student’s prior experience, they’ll be trained to get started safely with our machinery and have opportunities to apply theory and practice as they realise their ideas. Everyone is different and inclusion is never finished: we work hard to adapt our campus, learning content, and workshops to welcome whoever joins us. 

How do we support applicants?

Through our maths pathways, we provide offer-holders with academic guidance, as well as supporting individual access needs and offering advice as students prepare for enrolment.


To help us improve diversity within the engineering industry - one of our key aims - we have a range of scholarships available for prospective students to apply for:

You can find out more about these scholarships and others that we offer here. 

What are our EDI themes and policies?

Our EDI themes, policies, plans, and strategies ensure that the TEDI-London campus and community is inclusive and enables every student and staff member to succeed.

Our EDI themes

Wellbeing & disability

Our Wellbeing and Disability theme looks after student and staff wellbeing - including physical health, mental health and lifestyle - and disabilities. Students are supported from their application process through to their enrolled student journey with us. There is a dedicated team for learning support differences, mental health, and counselling.

Caring responsibilities

We want to work on solutions to issues that impact students and staff with caring commitments. This includes maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, return to work and working parents’ rights, and how to achieve and maintain a work life balance. 


Our Pride theme provides support and advice to our community and aims to ensure that our environment is friendly and inclusive for all.  We promote our support network and work to increase awareness of the different identities within the LGBTQIA+ community, correct terminology and pronoun use, and how to be as inclusive as possible. 

Race & Religion

We want all members of the TEDI-London and wider Canada Water community to feel a sense of belonging. We ensure that all members of our team are treated with respect and dignity, irrespective of their race or religious belief. 

Gender Equality

We're committed to creating a culture in which all our staff, students and partners are equally valued and empowered to reach their full potential. Everyone has the right to work in a supportive environment, free from discrimination and inequality.

People Training

Our annual training programme requires that all staff and students engage with neurodivergence, gender inclusivity, and unconscious bias training.

Our EDI Policies

You can read all of our policies here.