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Summer school 2023

Designing sustainable transport solutions for cities.

It is estimated that more than 4 billion people live in urban areas globally. By 2050 it is estimated that this will increase to close to 7 billion. In this same time period, the world’s population of people aged 60 years and over will double; the number of persons aged 80 years and older will triple. Developing sustainable, efficient, and accessible transport systems is becoming increasingly important as urban environments grow.

During our 2023 summer school, students spent three weeks exploring both local and global transport projects alongside key industry partners, before developing their own sustainable solutions to be implemented into the Canada Water masterplan. Their designs had to be:

  • Safe
  • Net-zero
  • Accessible
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Connected

The programme wrapped up with a showcase day, where each team pitched their solutions to their peers, industry experts, and local community members. Determined by an attendee vote, the top three teams each received an Engineers in Business Fellowship award!


Hear from our students

  • “The practical nature of the summer school at TEDI-London makes it feel like we’re already in a workplace environment rather than in education and reminds me of industry internships I’ve done in the past. Instead of learning theory and just sitting on that knowledge, I have actually been able to apply and use it. Plus, receiving feedback from industry experts and drawing on each team member’s skills to refine our solution is exactly what we’ll need to do when we graduate and join the workforce, so gaining this experience now will help with that transition.”

    Yusra Summer school 2023 student from UNSW Sydney
  • “I have really enjoyed taking part in TEDI-London’s summer school over the last few very intensive but fun few weeks. Meeting our group for the first time and having to come up with something together in just three weeks has been a great way to develop my communication and project management skills, and I’ve also enjoyed doing much more hands-on building than I’m used to. The project-based approach has also been a really interesting way to be learn about every stage of the process, from starting out learning about context and having ideation sessions to finally designing a solution and producing a physical prototype.”

    Anjali Summer school 2023 student from UNSW Sydney

Let's talk about transport!

From exploring the different transport methods to understanding what engineers need to consider when developing new transport solutions – dive deeper into something many of us take for granted: transport.

Hear from our industry and academic supporters

  • “The hands-on, project-based experience that TEDI-London provides its students with will be essential as they enter the ever-changing engineering industry, which is all about identifying and understanding problems and collaborating to design effective solutions to them. Giving students real-life challenges to tackle will help them develop these crucial interpersonal and problem-solving skills and put them in good stead to succeed as engineers in the future.”

    Harbinder Singh Birdi Creative Director, Birdi & Partners
  • “We chose to focus on sustainable transport because of its relevance both globally and locally. Our students can draw upon observations they’ve made within their own towns and cities, bringing together a variety of perspectives to tackle a challenge in our local area. The ongoing Canada Water masterplan will need carefully considered transport solutions to meet the new requirements of the area, from increased footfall to implementing car-free zones.”

    Matt Thompson Summer school co-lead and Teaching Fellow, TEDI-London

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