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Winter School 2023

Reducing e-waste for an improved circular economy.

During the 2023 winter residential school, students explored principles of circular design and economy, as well as the right to repair, to help reduce the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) generated in TEDI-London’s local area – Canada Water.

Their brief was to create a long-term community repair initiative that could be run by TEDI-London and continually benefit the local community, beyond the scope of the visiting students’ three-week programme.

Each student team developed distinct solutions to support the overall initiative and showcased them during a launch repair event that was run in partnership with London-based social enterprise, Restart.

Key features of the initiative:

'Right to repair' - what does it mean?

From reducing e-waste to having more control over spending habits – find out some of the benefits linked to the right to repair movement.

Hear from our winter residential school class of 2023

  • “We loved the opportunity to work with such an open brief; we’re used to being given a specific problem to solve, whereas during this project we were presented with the key contextual information we needed to identify a specific problem before solving it. This approach meant that each team supported the overall initiative in a unique way, rather than everyone coming up with the same idea. Our team realised that people with broken items outnumbered those with repair skills, so we came up with a business model to run educational sessions during each event, which will help the overall initiative make an even bigger impact.”

    Jessica, Anusha, and Layla Winter residential school 2023 students from UNSW

Hear from our industry and academic supporters

  • “It was fantastic to see the 2023 winter school students’ understanding of circular economy reflected in their work. Given that values such as sustainability and global responsibility are often overlooked, I’m proud to work with a university that’s paving the way for conscientious, ethical engineers, and preparing them properly for the challenges to come.”

    Isabella Mascarenhas Vice President, Grass Roots Education & Social Impact at RS Group
  • “It’s been amazing to see how much our winter school cohort has achieved! Thanks to our industry partners’ support, the students learned about the importance of circular design principles and economy, as well as the financial and logistical implications of establishing their own initiative. In three weeks, they developed a well-rounded business plan that not only facilitates repairs for the community, but also encourages community engagement, educates new repairers, and makes use of unrepairable items.”

    Professor Julie Bregulla Winter school programme lead, TEDI-London

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