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Thinking Ahead

Take part in the TEDI-London engineering taster programme

Thinking Ahead is our online engineering taster programme, inviting you to learn more about the world of engineering and take part in a nature and sustainability-themed design challenge.

You could choose to work on this challenge independently or you could form a group with your friends (max 5 people).


The programme will take place across two weeks, Wednesday 8 February – Wednesday 22 February

Week one: Think like an engineer | Wednesday 8 February – Wednesday 15 February

At your own pace you will work through interactive engineering theory content via our online learning platform . This will teach you all about the interdisciplinary aspects of engineering. This will be self-directed learning (approx. 4-6 hours) that you can do in your own time, around your existing schedule.

Week two:  Create like an engineer | Wednesday 15 February – Wednesday 22 February 

You will put your new theoretical knowledge into practice and respond to a engineering challenge brief set by us, which will see you design and present a prototype. There will also be workshop sessions with the TEDI-London team and industry masterclasses to teach you more about the world of engineering and help you with the challenge!


Thinking Ahead is an online programme.  All workshops, resources and collaboration will happen via a dedicated Microsoft Teams group which you will be added to before the programme starts.

Throughout there will be drop-in sessions with the TEDI-London team and industry masterclasses to teach you more about the world of engineering and help you with the challenge!


At the end of the programme you will submit your project in the form of a presentation. All projects will be reviewed and shortlisted by the TEDI-London team, and shortlisted projects will be invited to present their project to our panel of judges who will decide the winners of Thinking Ahead.


Yes! There are prizes! Winners will receive an industry coaching session and professional references (from TEDI-London).


If you’re thinking of applying to study at TEDI-London in 2023 or beyond, then completing the Thinking Ahead project could help accelerate your application!


You’ll need to be aged 16 or over and be available for approx 14 hours both weeks.  You’ll also need to have access to the internet.


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What our previous Thinking Ahead students had to say...

  • “The Thinking Ahead project was a great opportunity to channel my creativity and I enjoyed the freedom to interpret the brief and explore different design options. I found it particularly interesting to design for a specific user group and overcome the challenges surrounding their requirements.”

    Hollie Cubbon Thinking Ahead most sustainable solution winner 2022
  • “The Thinking Ahead programme felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I very much enjoyed hearing from experts in the field, and developing my confidence by presenting my work to the panel and receiving their feedback was very useful. I discovered how much I loved design engineering and it was eye opening to realize that my designs can help other people live a happier life.”

    Shedlia Most sustainable Thinking Ahead winner 2021
  • “Working on the physics behind my structure’s safety and functionality was very interesting, as I loved applying the theory to a real design and figuring out how to enhance it wherever possible.”

    Nikan Hoorijani Thinking Ahead best engineered solution winner 2022
  • Hollie Cubbon
  • Nikan Hoorijani