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Engineering news roundup #3

The impact of engineering is all around us. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite news stories, articles and thought pieces from the week to showcase some of the latest innovations and opinions across design engineering.


Scientists have 3D printed the first ever biomemetic tongue (replicating a human tongue surface) to help streamline research and development for oral care, food products and therapeutic technologies.

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an ocean sat-nav

A team of MIT scientists has developed an underwater navigation system that uses sound instead of batteries to move around. Using a two-way pattern, the system can move around underwater without any batteries, which will undoubtedly improve ocean exploration.

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bottles for bridges

Ever wonder where the glass bottle you’ve put in the recycling bin ends up? One place they might be given a second life in future is in bridges –  with Montreal using 70,000 recycled wine bottles in a world-first to construct two new bridges using sustainable materials.

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Digital twinning

This article explores the role of digital engineering and the increased need to build a digital representation of a physical asset, known as ‘digital twinning’.

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Museum of Engineering Innovation

From gold medal prosthetics to stage technology for Shakespeare plays, The Museum of Engineering Innovation celebrates the the often-unseen engineering that is all around us.

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