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Globally responsible engineering with Engineers Without Borders UK

We are delighted to announce a new multi-year strategic partnership with Engineers Without Borders UK, to help deliver an ethical engineering education curriculum and create a more diverse and creative generation of engineers at TEDI-London.

Engineers Without Borders UK will be embedding globally responsible engineering into the TEDI-London curriculum via Design Challenges, educational resources, volunteering opportunities and the establishment of a Engineers Without Borders UK university student-led chapter.

This partnership will help drive collective action towards transforming engineering education, bringing students into the conversation to encourage and showcase sustainable and responsible innovation.

“We’re delighted to agree to this multi-year partnership with Engineers Without Borders UK whose ambitions to transform the direction of engineering are akin to ours,” said Professor Judy Raper, Dean & CEO, TEDI-London.

“Our partnership will afford our students’ multiple opportunities for real-life project-based experiences and help them understand the social impact of the decisions and designs they make – ensuring future engineers have the skills and creativity to respond to 21st Century challenges.

“As a partnership, we can lead innovation in engineering education and share our knowledge and understanding to challenge current education norms and influence others to share in our vision.”

Emma Crichton CEng MICE, Head of Engineering, Engineers Without Borders UK, adds: “This partnership presents a unique opportunity to work with a completely new university, one that is project-based, progressive and pushing the boundaries of innovation within engineering education.

“Together, through experimentation, we hope to demonstrate new and innovative approaches that challenge how engineering education can best prepare graduates to respond proactively to society’s future challenges. Learning how to harness and develop creativity is a much-needed skill in engineering, and we are excited to foster this skill with TEDI-London.”

Learn more about Engineers Without Borders UK and the aims of our partnership.

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