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Makerspace Lead

Kirk Stewart

Kirk Stewart is a maker, designer, and 3D manufacturing specialist with a background in commercial production and design.

He began his career by training in a high end furniture making studio where he developed traditional making and design skills. He then transitioned into a design role creating CAD designs, blueprints, and models for a London based furniture maker. Afterwards, he returned to the workshop and joined a 3D manufacturing company where he was responsible for the running and maintenance for a suite of CAM production machines.

These experiences have given Kirk a wealth of knowledge about commercial design and production with modern technologies and furthered his passion for making in all fields. He joined TEDI-London to share this passion and to help prepare the next generation of problem solvers for their life after graduation.

Kirk is originally from Canada and when not at a work bench, you can find him playing board games or playing ultimate frisbee.