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Engineering news roundup #14

The impact of engineering is all around us. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite news stories, articles and thought pieces from the week to showcase some of the latest innovations and opinions across design engineering.

Image: via Zero2infinity

Is space tourism the future?

Zero 2 Infinity are offering near-space tourism in high-altitude balloons.  In the ‘bloons’ (pictured) you can fly up to an altitude of 36 km to enjoy a spectacular view of Earth.

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engineers fixing remotely via smart glasses

Tokyo Electron engineers have developed a remote technical support service using smart glasses. This allows them to fix machines remotely during the pandemic, when sending repair specialists in-person is not always possible.

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‘make at home’ 3D printed oxygen sensor

A team of engineers and scientists at the University of Bath have released designs for a 3D printed blood-oxygen sensor that can be made at home.  They hope this will accurately monitor a person’s blood-oxygen levels (which has become a key part of patient care during the pandemic) via a low-cost method.

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A new green smart city for Singapore

‘Forest town’ will include a car-free city centre, which will be hoisted above roads, to allow pedestrians and cyclists to move around freely and safely. The city will also have centralized air conditioning, a feature that the Singaporean government believes could be central in cutting emissions.

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