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Why choose TEDI-London?

Globally focused, socially aware and from diverse backgrounds, the engineers of the future will work together to solve problems and improve lives.  TEDI-London has been created to educate and inspire these engineers.

How we are different

  1. We teach engineering in a new way

    We are delivering a different kind of engineering education that takes a project-based, interdisciplinary global design approach.

    Projects you will work on respond to real-life industry challenges and are co-designed and delivered with employers – so you’ll be making a difference from the start.

  2. We are interested in you, not just your grades

    Unlike lots of other engineering degrees, you don’t need A-Level maths or physics to apply to TEDI-London. Instead, we make offers based on a numeracy test (if applicable) followed by small project presentation and interview.

  3. Globally-responsible engineering

    The TEDI-London philosophy follows the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and many projects will align with those goals, such as maintaining sustainable cities and communities, good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, climate action, and more. 

  4. A mix of hands-on and online

    To support your practical, team-based projects in our “makerspaces”, you’ll have access to our digital Learning Tree. Made up of interactive modules, you’ll be able pick the content areas you need, collaborate with your tutors and share ideas with other students. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll set your own path and pace, so you’ll be able to revisit topics whenever you wish.

How you will learn

A closer look at our educational approach.

Industry-led, project-based study

Students will work on real-life projects from day one. These projects will be real-life industry challenges and will be co-designed and delivered with employers. The projects will be supported by one-to-one mentoring and group work.

A mixture of individual and group projects will allow students to develop teamwork, problem solving, project management and leadership skills in addition to developing their technical competence and critical thinking.

Projects will be developed around key themes or disciplines such as computing and robotics, smart cities, energy and sustainability.

Interdisciplinary learning

Our curriculum takes an interdisciplinary global design approach to engineering.

This means that it includes all the elements of professional engineering as well as digital, design, and business skills.

From talking to employers, we know that these are the skills that they want from future engineers

The Learning Tree

Your learning will comprise workshops, masterclasses, group discussions and practical sessions in the TEDI-London campus 'makerspaces', and be supported by individual study through online nodes on the Learning Tree.

A virtual study system

The Learning Tree is TEDI-London’s online matrix of networked topics and modules. It is a fully-equipped virtual study system that will allow students to seamlessly learn, share ideas and solutions, collaborate with other students and academics, be assessed, track their progress and explore their particular area of interest.

⏯The Learning Tree explained
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Online learning integrated with projects

The online modules will give students the skills and knowledge they need for the projects they undertake and to support their developing interest in specific types of engineering. Students are expected to complete the online curriculum as well as the projects in order to graduate.

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Self-paced, personalised virtual learning

TEDI-London students will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning and the Learning Tree will support them in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to complete their projects successfully and graduate as professional, highly-skilled engineers.

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