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TEDI-London collaborates with industry to transform engineering education

Industry experts from construction, cyber security, transport, tech manufacturing, electronic engineering and design joined TEDI-London academics for an innovative workshop on engineering education this week. The workshop, the first one TEDI-London has hosted with industry, explored what skills engineering graduates will need to solve 21st century problems.

Co-designing the curriculum with industry is a key element of the TEDI-London proposition – ensuring the learning and teaching at TEDI-London equips students with the skills and attributes industry seeks.

“There’s a real appetite within industry for a different type of engineer with a broader range of skills”, commented Thomas Gunter from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

As part of the workshop, participants were asked to review a mathematics test, on which they were judged not on the answers, but on how they approached solving the problem. This exercise helped demonstrate to participants how TEDI-London students will be accepted not on their previous academic background, but on their attitude, aptitude and ability.

This event is part of a much larger programme of curriculum engagement for TEDI-London. Students and academics from the founding partner universities continue to help inform and shape the proposition, and this event kicks off a series of opportunities for industry to contribute.

“Industry relationships are important from the start”, says TEDI-London Dean and CEO Judy Raper, and added: “the co-creation of curriculum will enhance graduate employability and can solve problems”.

To get involved and find out more about TEDI-London, contact the Partnerships Manager at

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