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Summer School 2019


Find out what students experienced during the 2019 summer school programme:

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  • “The TEDI-London Summer School was a great opportunity to meet, work and network with people from a range of cultural and disciplinary backgrounds and have an influence on what the future of engineering education might look like.

    I found the whole experience really fun and exciting, it was incredible to see how much could be achieved in such a short time, both by the students in our projects as well as by the enthusiastic TEDI-London team in building and developing the program itself.”

    Nicholas Matkovic Bachelor of industrial design (honours), UNSW Sydney
  • “Despite not being from an engineering background, the TEDI-London summer school helped me develop a range of transferable skills, including public speaking, project management and design. It was an incredibly enjoyable and unique experience.  The icing on the cake was when one of the industry figures at the Open Day was so impressed with my efforts he offered me a job!”

    Mona Jaffar MSC Regenerative Dentistry, King's College London
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  • TEDI student photo
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TEDI-London is developing a brand-new campus that will be a vibrant place of learning. Artwork for the campus should reflect our vision and values. The objective of this project was to design a sculpture drinking fountain, that filtered water from the nearby dock – Canada Water – using renewable energy.

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The local population at Canada Water is reflective of the wider UK population in that it has more older people with complex health needs. This project looked at the capacity for robot assisted rehabilitation in helping people who had experienced strokes and needed longer term repetitive rehabilitation.

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TEDI-London will be situated in an area which will undergo major redevelopment in coming years. TEDI-London's campus and community will be safe, clean and sustainable. To support these goals, the objective for this project is to design a smart streetlamp that also serves as a Citizen Hub, providing free access to community services.

“I didn’t know what to expect from TEDI-London, but it has expanded my horizons. The idea of a globally focused engineer who aims to solve big problems will be more and more valuable in coming years – I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore and understand this.”

Xavier Perkes
UNSW Sydney