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Video submission guidelines

We’re eager to learn more about your passion for engineering and your vision for the future! For TEDI-London’s Talent Scholarship application, we’re asking you to submit a video pitch that centres around a big idea in engineering. This is your opportunity to articulate a groundbreaking concept, project, or vision that reflects your understanding of the transformative power of engineering.

Video Pitch Guidelines

Introduction (1 minute):

Begin by introducing yourself. Share your name, background, and a brief overview of your journey in engineering. Make a connection to the big idea you’re about to present.

Big Idea Presentation (2-3 minutes):

Dive into the heart of your pitch. Clearly articulate the big idea in engineering that inspires you. It could be a technological innovation, a sustainable solution, or a groundbreaking concept. Explain the significance of this idea and how it has the potential to make a lasting impact on society or a specific industry.

Your Role and Contribution (1-2 minutes):

Share your role in developing or contributing to this big idea. Discuss any personal experiences, projects, or research that connect you to this concept. Highlight specific skills and qualities that position you as a key player in bringing this idea to fruition.

Connection to TEDI-London (1 minute):

Explain why TEDI-London is the ideal place for you to further explore and develop your big idea.

Impact of Scholarship on Your Big Idea (1-2 minutes):

Articulate how receiving the Talent Scholarship will empower you to advance your big idea and will play a crucial role in turning your vision into reality.

Closing and Call to Action (1 minute):

Summarise your key points, reiterate the significance of your big idea, and express your enthusiasm for contributing to the field of engineering. End with a compelling call to action, inviting the selection committee to join you on this exciting journey.

Technical Guidelines:

  • Keep your video between 5-7 minutes.
  • Ensure good lighting and clear audio for optimal presentation.
  • Choose a quiet and visually uncluttered space for recording.
  • Be passionate and authentic in presenting your big idea.

Submission Instructions:

  • Record your video pitch following the guidelines above.
  • Upload the video to a platform of your choice (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Provide the video link in your scholarship application form.

We’re excited to witness the innovation and creativity you bring to the table. Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing about your big idea in engineering!

Once we have received your video, a panel will review it and score it, you’ll then be notified via Admissions of the outcome. If you are successful, we have 3 awards available £2,000 per year, £2,500 per year or £3,000 per year, either off your fee or as a cash award if you have student finance.

Information correct as of January 2024.

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