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Travel checklist

Here is our checklist of things to pack to make your move to the UK as smooth as possible:

Travel insurance
We strongly recommend that you ensure you have travel insurance before you leave your country for the UK. Make sure that the insurance covers you for any medical emergencies while you are travelling as well as the full value of any lost luggage.  When you pack, keep a separate list of everything you pack so if your luggage is lost, you will have a list of all lost items.

Packing guide 
In your hand luggage

  • Passport/vignette
  • Visa Travel tickets
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Travel money card
  • Credit cards / enough British Pounds £ cash for your first few days (try to include some £5 and £10 notes)
  • A photocopy of each page of your passport, including your passport number and the date and place of issue and any visas/entry clearances. Keep these separate from originals.
  • CAS statement or number
  • Original academic documents as these will need to be presented at registration
  • List of contents of your main luggage
  • Any prescribed medication plus a letter from your doctor explaining what it is
  • Details of your accommodation including full address and telephone number of your final destination
  • Proof that you have enough money to pay your fees and meet your living costs (eg recent bank statements, proof of scholarship, sponsor’s letter)
  • Photocopies of all essential documents
  • A toothbrush, small towel, warm jumper, fleece or jacket
  • Something to entertain you on the journey!

In your suitcase

  •  List of contents of your hand luggage
  •  Enough clothes to last you until you get settled
  •  A few passport sized photographs of yourself – you may need them for ID cards, bus/rail passes in your first few days here.
  • Your laptop – please visit our equipment you will need page for a full list and specs to get you kick started for your first term.
  • Adaptor for non-British plugs (in the UK we use three-pin plugs and the power is 240 volts)

What not to pack

  • Lots of books – all the information you need will be online.
  • Too many clothes
  • Bedding and towels – you can buy these in London
  • Food – it is heavy and you can buy most types of food in London
  • Cooking equipment and utensils –you can buy these in London

Airport transfers

We will be in touch prior to your arrival about your travel plans. Where possible, we will arrange for a TEDI-London representative to meet you at the airport or order a taxi for you if you are arriving late at night/early in the morning.