TEDI-London at New Approaches to Engineering Higher Education Conference

Published Thursday, November 21, 2019

The TEDI-London vision was presented at the joint Engineering Professors' Council (EPC) and Institute of Engineering Technology's (IET) New Approaches to Engineering Higher Education Conference this week.

The conference was launched in response to the IET's 2016 annual Skills and Demand in Industry survey that showed, despite a rise in demand for engineering staff, UK employers find that many new engineering graduates “have significant skills deficiencies” (IET 2016).

TEDI-London was founded by Arizona State University, King's College London and UNSW Sydney to address the findings of this report, and others similar, such as Engineering UK's 2017 report which found that (at current recruitment rates) there will be a shortage of 1.8 million engineers by 2025.

TEDI-London's submission demonstrated how TEDI-London aims to address the skills gap through several innovative strategies:

  • Attract diverse, non-traditional students to engineering – at least 50% female
  • Non-traditional recruitment – focusing on 'three A's', aptitude, attitude and ability
  • Practical, project-based learning – led by industry need

TEDI-London's Head of Quality, Programme and Compliance, Carmai Pestell, said:

“It was great to see the positive response to the TEDI-London proposition at the conference today. We had constant dialogue and questions on the future for TEDI-London and delegates were genuinely interested and engaged with the vision.”

Lecturer Dr Sarah Campbell, who attended the conference with Carmai Pestell added: “Of interest for us was hearing from the Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, Chi Onwurah, who spoke around the need to embed ethics in engineering practice, particularly in technology and this should come from how we train engineers in higher education. This is a significant part of the TEDI-London vision, to create socially aware and globally focused graduates who design and make products that will change how we live.”

Professor Judy Raper, Dean and CEO, TEDI-London, added, “It is very pleasing to begin to tell the story of TEDI-London to wider, influential audiences such as the EPC and IET. Our formal launch will happen in early 2020, but it's exciting we are at a stage where we can start participating in the discussions around engineering skills and education. Watch this space for more!”

TEDI-London will formally launch in February 2020 and take its first cohort of undergraduate students in September 2021.

For more information on TEDI-London please contact hello@tedi‑