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Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr Kate Crawford

Dr Kate Crawford is a Senior Teaching Fellow at TEDI-London. This follows six years at an “Internet of Things” (IoT) start-up where she had a hands-on role prototyping, installing and commercialising sensors.

Kate then became COO, leading the domestic retrofit and monitoring operation when the company grew into Knauf Energy Solutions.

Kate began her career as a project engineer designing ecological building services and then went on to work in the international humanitarian sector. Shifting from the repair of disaster-damaged infrastructure, to the deployment of IoT technology to improve the energy performance of older housing, rekindled Kate’s interest in repair. She has gradually become a trained bicycle mechanic, retrofit coordinator and an amateur fixer of electronic gadgets. It also left her with a lasting curiosity about how we can do good as well as harm as engineers. She joined TEDI-London because she believes this comes from the ways we are taught to think, represent information and conduct ourselves.

These experiences also cemented her interest in environmental and social justice – particularly around energy, health and housing – and she is a volunteer director of Co-Risk Labs and Transition Town Brixton.