About TEDI-London

TEDI-London is a design-led engineering school underpinned by three global partners: Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney.

Our flexible, project-based degrees will empower students to become independent, socially aware, curious learners, with a global and future-focused outlook.

An emphasis on discovery, creativity and partnership with industry will equip our students with the skills and experience necessary to tackle the challenges of the 21st century and forge a successful, rewarding career in one of the most dynamic, innovative and diverse of disciplines.

Innovative delivery

TEDI-London’s innovative curriculum and pedagogy sets it apart from other engineering programmes in the UK.

Delivered both online and practically, the approach to teaching and student support will make engineering accessible to a more diverse range of candidates. Maths and physics are not a pre-requisite and candidates with a range of educational backgrounds will be considered. Offers will be made based on aptitude, attitude and ability.

TEDI-London is aiming to enrol its first cohort in September 2021. We have submitted our Office for Students (OfS) application.

Contact us

We are seeking to build our range of partners, from educators to engineers, to support the TEDI-London vision. To be part of the TEDI-London journey, please get in touch: data.request@tedi.ac.uk